East Dorset:  01202 259 055 / 07884 068 036 
West Dorset: 01305 520 590 / 07949 785 427

Delivery of Service

 Better Care at Home can provide a variety of services including help with:

This is far from a definitive list, so if the assistance you require isn’t there please ring for an informal chat. If we can help, we will.

services we provide careathome


Better Food!

Decent nutrition is a vital part of staying well and we never forget that eating should be one of life’s pleasures.  

At Better Care at Home we pride ourselves on providing clients with tasty, nutritious meals made the way our clients like them.

Our staff take pride in serving sensible portions of well balanced, thoughtfully presented food. It takes no longer whisking up a tasty omelette than it does to ping a ready meal!


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